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I was tempted to leave this photoset just the way it was, without any commentary, because it’s such a beautifully filmed moment and Chris Hemsworth does a fantastic job of conveying that moment of the rug being ripped out from underneath you, how it just happened so fast.

It was just seconds between Thor seeing his mother fall to the floor and lighting up Malekith’s face and watching as Malekith and Kurse fell over the balcony and one of the Harrow ships catching them and Thor heaving Mjolnir after them.  So much happens in just such a short amount of time, just seconds.

And Thor breaks my heart in this scene, because how much must it weigh on him just how close he was?  How much must it weigh on him that only a few seconds earlier could have made all the difference and he could have saved his mother?  How much must it weigh on him that he could only wound Malekith, but couldn’t strike him down right in that moment?  How much must it weigh on Thor to lose yet another person he loves?

She was one of the few people that Thor could talk about his burdens with, the deleted scene is one of the few times that he lets someone else help him carry that heavy weight on his shoulders for a little bit.  Thor is a character who is made for carrying heavy burdens and still knowing how to live his life, this is a man who will not let this tragedy keep him from the world or the others that he loves.  Thor is a character that isn’t just physically an unmovable mountain, but also a character who is able to endure this kind of heavy weight emotionally.

Thor will not fall apart without her, nor without Loki.  But Thor is a character who truly lives and loves and embraces life, he deeply feels the sorrow of this, even if he doesn’t show it the way others do.  Loki’s way is to scream and tear the room apart.  Odin’s way is to grieve quietly and for his foundations to start crumbling without her.

Thor’s way is to mourn her, deeply and truly, to carry her memory and the weight of her loss for the rest of his life, but to keep on living.

Thor is emotionally solid in the way I think that he got from Frigga, the way I sometimes think the rest of his family isn’t.  If their situations had been reversed, if mother had outlived son, Frigga would have mourned Thor differently (partly because a parent losing a child is different from a child losing a parent, but partly because her ways of grieving are not his), but she would have carried on in her life, she would have still lived and loved and allowed others into her life.

That is what Thor got from his mother.

But it’s a heavy burden in the immediate aftermath, because one of the themes that I don’t think is touched on as explicitly as some others are, is that Thor is dealing with the inability to protect those he cares about, which drives a lot of his actions in this movie.  He is a character who feels very protective of those he cares about, whether those directly in his life or an entire world that could use his help, he will always fight for them whenever it’s necessary.  And that’s why he’s so invested in Jane, because she’s the one person he can protect now—his mother is gone, his father is refusing to be helped, his brother is in the midst of madness.  He’s spent the last year dealing with the fact that he can’t protect Loki anymore (not while Loki refuses to be helped) and then this happens.

How much must it weigh on Thor that YET AGAIN he failed to protect someone he cared about?  That breaks my heart and yet makes me love Thor all the more, for how he doesn’t let it crush him or break him.  He feels it, he accepts it, but he doesn’t let it consume him.  He is able to carry this and still continue on!

Thor will not surrender to grief any more than he’ll surrender to a physical enemy to fight.

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Anonymous screamed: Thor, darling, I'm afraid that your nightmares and lack of sleep are caused by an illness called 'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder'.

By the Nine! How do you know about it? I never heard about it before, is it something severe? I am sure I am fine. Where can I find a cure?


She could only smile. Sad in that he was so worried over all this, sad that things were tormenting him, but also a fond smile  for how much of a fool he was being.  Sif held fast his hands, if anything stopping an increment closer. “You are no danger to me,” she assured sweetly with a shake of head. “You’re never a danger to me. Even in this.” Maybe she was a fool herself to be so convinced in this, but Sif was ever fervent in her beliefs. 

She let go of this hands only to reach for him. Fingers tucked golden strands behind his ear and she let hand fall, disallowing herself to linger. “If you will accept my watch I will gladly give it. Tonight, if you wish, or any other night you prefer. I don’t care if you wake in a rage or if you scream like a child,” she insisted softly, “- I’ve known you through both of those things, my friend.” Her words were sincere, as they often were, and her hand reached for him again. Rested in comfort at his arm in hopes he could trust her in this.

Thor could feel the tension leaving him at the idea of a good, uninterrupted night of sleep. He dreaded it when night fall and he was alone on his room, trying to avoid his nightmares by avoiding his sleep. It made him no good and everything he wanted was to rest after a long day of battles but it was impossible for him at the moment. He needed some relief and mead wasn’t enough for him anymore. He smiled back at her, in a reassuring way.

He couldn’t quite agree with her on that, “I don’t think if it’s a good idea,” he leaned into her touch when she caressed his hair. At her words he nodded at her, looking down to his feet. “I don’t know what good it would bring,” maybe with a sleep potion things would be calm, or so he hoped. This was his last resource, his last hope, really. He wasn’t the one to have nightmares and when he did he faced them. Now, however, he didn’t know what to do. “Alright then, but I want you to flee if something get out of control, you promise me?”

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A Day of Rest | The-Mjolnir-Owner


She nodded her head, ” I can. But that doesn’t mean I like to.” Natasha did not do domestic well. It left her feeling anxious and fidgety. Staying idle to heal was even too long for her. 
" It’s mundane to me. I’ve never been particularly fond of such things… but it was necessary that I learn for a mission," She told him with a small shrug. 

People on TV were preparing a cake, he paid attention to that. “It is a good therapy, you know. It helps me to calm down,” he cast her a knowing glance, she had to calm down a little sometime.

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She sat beside him on the bed, her fingers lacing through his. Her gaze followed his to the window and she slapped his shoulder. “Dont you dare think about it. If you run, Odin will only be even more furious.”

Reaching over, she pressed a button to call a healer, asking them to bring Thor something to eat. When she left, she turned back to Thor. “But lets not talk about Odin now.” She blushed lightly. “I think, maybe, we should talk about what happened. After you were attacked by the troll…”

He squeezed her hand back, reaching for her injured foot, caressing it. “I will not jump, look at that, we are so far from the ground and unless I could fly, I would become a puddle.” He leaned against his pillows, there was no way of running from his Father.

He turned his gaze back into her, grinning. “Why don’t you enlight me?” He crawled on the bed getting closer to her, “I don’t quite remember what happened,” he pointed to his head, “I hit my head, you know.”

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He laughed and said his goodbyes to the people that were leaving, trying his hardest to fit into the role of his brother. He then turned and looked at Sif and was just about to speak when she jumped at him and kissed him. His eyes widened at that as he mind reeled at just being kissed by Sif. He then shook his head as he gently pushed her away. “Sif, I am not Thor. It’s Loki.” He said quickly. “I messed up big today and Thor didn’t want you to be upset with him for missing your meeting.” He took a few steps back. “He is in my body while I am in his. We are going to fix it.” He said softly as he looked away.

Thor wailed in boredom, noticing that Loki’s bed felt way more comfortable than his, magic, maybe. He pulled his boots off, settling himself in the middle of the pillows, drifting into sleep.

When Sif pulled back, she had a big smile on her face. “It took me so long to do that!” She seemed so exasperated to listen to Loki. Then her smile faded, her eyes running on Loki’s face, not quite believing in what he was saying. “What are you playing at?” She crossed her arms, “if you didn’t like my kiss you can just tell me.”

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“He’s probably angry though.” She commented. “I mean I’d be pissed and looking for some sort of redemption for taking something like that away.” She admitted, though she was also doing that thing where she thought like her target. It was bred into her, she did it without thinking. It had been how she had dealt with Loki on the Helicarrier, how she had been able to get to him when no one else was able. It was dastardly really, but it worked and hadn’t failed her yet.

His words echoed her own thoughts, her own views on the matter. He needed to do what he was supposed to do and he can’t properly unless she’s safe. She knows that, she appreciates that. “If I could be at your side I would. Protecting Asgard protects Earth too, but I won’t risk it.” She’s very protective of the child within her womb and especially now that they’re so close. “I want to have this child, and I refuse to do anything that will jeopardize that.” She’s almost obsessive about it really given what happened in her past, she would not make any unnecessary risks no matter how hard it was.

Feeling him behind her she stilled. Feeling his arms embrace her, she relaxed and leaned back against him. “Okay.” She could not fight him, she would not, though she felt it might be good for her to leave now. “And I will try not to blame myself, but it isn’t easy.” If only that door hadn’t been locked, but then again she knew why it had been. It hadn’t just been to protect her, Frigga was thinking of Anya too.

“In the morning then.” She turned in his arms, facing him and pulling him down so she could press her lips to his.

”I don’t want him angry, I want him dead,” he told her through gritted teeth, clenching and unclenching his hands, the anger boiling deep within him. He was sure that she could feel all of that static, surely his eyes were getting stormy when he calmed down. He remembered burning his Mother’s whole chamber when he saw what was going on, he didn’t see Natasha there. “Where were you when I burned that creature into ashes? I could have burned you too.”

He was so glad at her words, she understood what he meant. He couldn’t possibly be in peace knowing that she was threatened somehow, she had a safe place on Earth and that place would suit her well for now. “I know you would, I have no doubts about it.” Natasha was not the one to run from a fight, much like him. “My priority, for now, is to keep you both safe,” he slid his hands down to her stomach, realizing that he could have lost all of them at once.

The sun was about to rise, they still had some hours to stay together before her departure, it was much like when he had to leave, the same unsettling feeling, he felt uneasy and at loss of what to do. He would think straight in the morning, or so he hoped. At her words he sighed, “my Mother would not want you to think that way, she did the right thing, we all would do the same,” he knew the Queen and he knew that she would never leave them unattended or in danger. It was in her nature and they would never change that about her, much like Thor, they were the same in that aspect.

He agreed with her, brushing some of her hair out of her face when she turned to face him. Like before, it wasn’t really a goodbye and they both knew that. He leaned down, pulling her to him by the nape of her neck into a kiss, not a goodbye kiss, for now, at least.

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Sif’s eyebrows rose. Was he asking her to stay the night with him? Or did he simply wish for her to stay until he was asleep? She would have to worry about that later she supposed.

"There has been much talk and gossip about our adventures. Enough that Odin has ordered a council with us once you are healed," she said softly.

Thor moved to the side a little, making room for her to sit with him on the bed. “When will they bring us something to eat? I am starving.” He needed something warm to drink, and he needed a bath, but that could wait.

At her words he flinched, they were doomed. “Really? By the nine, I should better run,” he looked at the window beside his bed, considering if it was a good plan to jump out of it.

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Through the ages: Dakota Goyo Chris Hemsworth Jeff Bridges

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Ok so I’m putting it out there!!! Thor doesn’t do it for me… Loki however… Oh my!!!!!

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