Thor Week: Day 2 - Family Relationships

Thor + Odin; changing perspectives

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"I’ll go make her bottle." Pepper declared before she rushed out of the room and quickly started making a bottle, cursing herself for waking the child in the first place. Once the bottle was ready she tested to make sure it wasn’t too hot and she came into the room. "Here." she passed him the bottle.

Thor tried his best to sooth the baby, humming to her as she yelled. “Here it is, shush now,” he offered her the bottle and she promptly latched to it, she was a hungry little girl, much like him, he smiled at her. “Tell me, Lady Virginia, how did you get in here?”


She took the glass from him with a small, “Thank you.” She sipped the wine, relishing the taste of it on her tongue. She was far too fond of the drink for her own good. She nodded. “I do. Often. It would be nice to just be…normal for a bit. Too bad I never mastered the ability to change my appearance,” she mused.

Thor guided her out of the Hall to the balcony where there were no prying eyes, the night was cool and so was the wine. “I have no idea of how it would feel like to be normal,” he admitted, envying those nameless people. “Don’t feel bad about it, I didn’t either,” he laughed softly, the sound of it rumbling on his chest. “I guess we are fated to stay confined within our own bodies, it is not that bad, we look good.”


Sif nodded, smiling again before the memories played back in her head and again she let out a soft laughter. “Aye, I do remember. That was not one of our better ideas. The window was far too high. I am still wondering how it was only you that hit something, as we all fell in.”

"When did we have a good idea, Sif?" They were always getting themselves in trouble. "I have no idea, it was dark and the noise I made alarmed the guards and we had to run for our lives," he chuckled, "we hid in the library."

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Pepper stopped in mid-sentence and she looked towards the sleeping infant in the crib. She threw Thor an apologetic smile and she mouthed. “Sorry.” she quickly whispered a good bye and hung up her phone.


Too late, you already woke her up. 

Pepper winced as he glared and she moved forward and looked to the little one in his arms. “Sorry..sorry..” she whispered.


Thor rocked the baby, she was clearly distressed by being woken up. “I will forgive you if you prepare her bottle, or hold her while I prepare it.”


You’re far too good to truly be arrested for anything.

Do you really believe that?


"I understand." he murmured with a slight nod at his last statement. "Even I could not bring such disruption as Malekith had. After all, I have indeed spent most of my adult life attempting to thwart you, or outdo you. All this I can now admit, after having all this time to ponder and think over what I’d done. I would not have been able to think clearly either, I do not believe." Carefully, he took another sip of his whiskey. "How does Asgard fare now? There is much I have missed." 

"Father should have ordered the guards to bring you but he couldn’t think straight either, it felt like my mind became jelly, not that it made a lot of difference anyway," he smiled bitterly knowing that Loki would always think of him as an idiot and maybe he was. "We only remembered to tell you about it when she was already in the stars, I am so sorry about that, maybe if you were there with us things would be easier, she loved you."

He listened to Loki, resting his glass on the table. “It is alright now, Loki, it’s fine.” He confirmed to both of them. “Well, Asgard,” he sighed, “Father is acting weirdly lately and I am trying to avoid him. I know he is sick with grief but he tried to shoot us both when we escaped Asgard and this is not something easily forgetful. Asgard is as fine as it can be without its Queen, I am watching it closely and I have Heimdall, Sif and the warriors three to inform me if something is wrong.”

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Anonymous screamed: "Ooh! Can I have a big piece? I promise to eat all of it."

Of course, you can have it all if you want. 

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Anonymous screamed: "Maybe he's like Aunt Jane and has a baby in his belly." The child shrugged and smiled. "Chocolate cake?"

"Maybe," Thor agreed though it was weird. "It is my favorite," he smiled, leading the child to the kitchens. 

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Anonymous screamed: "I already tried. He told me he 'wasn't in the mood'."

Then maybe you should wait for his mood to improve. Until then, we can eat some cake, what do you tell me?

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