have you accepted natasha romanoff as your lord and saviour

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Happy Easter for those who celebrate, my friends! 

torturedandbrokensoul screamed: "What? Are you saying that you want another hug?"


" I’ve been away from home for a very long time," She shrugged a little, " And I’ve never been a bride. As for why… I’ve seen them offered as something to make someone happy." 

I was a bride once, long story. The kitten worked, I feel better now.

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torturedandbrokensoul screamed: "It is just an embrace, Thor. Besides which, my daggers have been taken from me."

Glad to know that, come on then.

torturedandbrokensoul screamed: *hugs Thor*.


No stabbing, please?

adeadlyspider replied to your post “Oh, so lovely. Is it a midgardian tradition to give kittens to our…”

» It was a Norse tradition to offer a cat to a new bride for the home as a representation of Freya :P

It still is, but I am no bride, not now, however. Why are midgardians giving me kittens? Far from complaining…

eitrit screamed: Odin smells like butts, Thor.

Oh, you would know that. How many butts have you smelled, Loki?

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Oh, so lovely. Is it a midgardian tradition to give kittens to our friends?

Chris Hemsworth out with his baby girl, India Rose.


Chris and Scarlett not even trying to hide their huge crushes on Chris Hemsworth.

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Excuse me but HIS FUCKING MINI BRAIDS I couldn’t resist 

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