Anonymous screamed: Imagine Sif waiting for Thor in the healing tents with the other warriors. Imagine she's hurt, but she's ignoring it because she's waiting for Thor. Imagine Thor being brought in by Volstag. Sif is elated... until she sees the arrow going through him. She and one of the healers lie him down and they remove the arrow. Imagine the healer being called away because Fandral says Hogun has been severely stabbed and needs immediate help...


Imagine Sif having to soothe Thor and tell him everything is going to be okay. Imagine her having to get a needle and thread and stitch him up herself by lamplight, singing to him as his fever causes him to shiver, but she can keep him focused on her and not on the pain.

Imagine, after stitching up his back and cleaning up the blood, she finds that he’s finally, mercifully, asleep, and how when she lays him back on the bedroll, she can see where the tears made tracks down his face and it shakes her to her very core. Thor, this lion of a man, is asleep, but now the shock of it all finally washes over her and all she can do is stifle her own sobs and lay next to him and brush his hair out of his face, only daring to do this when she knows he does not know it…

… and in the quietness of the evening, during the calm of the aftermath, she stops weeping long enough to kiss him gently and whisper, “I love you, Thor Odinson. Don’t you dare leave me.”

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nice characters are good and important and strong

nice characters are not in any way inherently less interesting or complex or cool or badass than asshole characters

nice characters who go through hell and still remain good and kind and compassionate are so so strong

nice characters are not weak or boring or less badass, nice characters are awesome.

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For over 25 years, the Australian Childhood Foundation has been helping children recover from abuse, neglect, and family violence, but they can’t do it alone. So please, join me, and together we can try to help ensure not another child has to suffer.


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Anonymous screamed: Have you ever sucked a man off? I'm sure your unexperienced tender mouth would feel fantastic around me...

This is none of your concern, go to Hel.

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thunderandmischief-twobrothers screamed: "Thor, I've turned into mother. Not in a literal sense, though."


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"I suppose so," he knew he probably wasn’t very helpful. "Well, if it make’s you feel any better, I think you are extremely old.” He pushed himself off the wall, “alright, I’ll go get her.” 

Thor rolled his eyes, of course Loki wouldn’t take him seriously. “Wonderful, you never fail to cheer me up,” he said sarcastically, wishing for his Mother, she would know exactly what to tell him to make him feel better.

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Brotherly Assistance // Loki & Thor // Thor 2 AU


Loki used the flannel to push back his brother’s damp hair from his face, and moved it over his neck, to cool him down. Thor had developed a fever over night, and Cajolus had given him an injection of potion to bring it down, and even though it worked, he still could feel how hot his brother was. So he used the cool flannel on his hot skin, to soothe him more.

“Yes, it is all right now, Thor. I am glad you are awake, and better. You did have a fever last night, but Cajolus tended to you, and I am now using this cool flannel to soothe you,” he explained to his brother, as he smiled and them moved the cloth gently over his face, before he placed it back inside the ceramic bowl, and listened to his brother’s pained words.

“I know it seems like that, Thor, but you have fought many hard battles and kept our realm safe. I am so proud of you, and all you have done, for all of us, and our parents, and our realm,” he intoned, as he smiled warmly at his brother, and shook his head at him, before he  once again patted the section on his arm not injured.

“You mustn’t be upset over that, it cannot be helped when you are battling the horrible beings you took on, but you defeated them all, and that is the main thing. You are still here with me - with us,” he added, and then chuckled when his brother teased him about still being the King of Asgard.

“Well, yes, I am, even with you still bedridden, so you have to do as I say until you are on your feet,” Loki teased in return, then winked at his brother. He knew he would know they were bantering, but then nodded his head when he spoke of the Aether. “I will speak to the council if you wish me to. I can also send Fandral and Volstagg to retrieve the Aether. I will make sure it is hidden in a place no one can ever retrieve it,” he answered, becoming all serious now, speaking about matters of state for their realm.

“I can even bury it somewhere deep in the Alfheim forest, or, the mountains of Vanaheim. I will place a powerful charm spell upon it, where in, if anyone alien tries to dig it up, they will instantly be turned to ash and dust,” he told his brother, as he stared into his eyes to see if his idea would be all right with him. He was once again being serious about this matter, for he did not want anyone else getting their alien hands upon that powerful energy.

Loki was relieved to see Thor relax back against his pillows, and he used his magic to stoke the fire in the hearth, to keep his brother comfortable, he covered him with more soft blankets. “Yes, of course, our parents are doing just fine, Thor. I am sure they will be so proud of all you have done, and Mother will be pleased I ran Asgard quite well in your absence,” he said, and then bit his lip when Thor asked to have a bath. He sighed and nodded his head, then thought of a way his brother could do this.

“I am not sure you can be moved now, Thor, and I am sorry, I know you wish to bathe. I promise you, as soon as the bandages are removed, I will make sure you have your bath,” he reassured his brother, and frowned again when he spoke of his jaw hurting. He gently reached up and used some of his magic to soothe the pain he felt there. “I will ask them to bring some soup, warm broth, or some simple stew with some soft vegetables inside it,” he answered, as he stood up and moved to the doorway, where he found a servant.

Loki asked them to bring the first Prince the soup and simple vegetable stew, along with a jug of ale, and warm cider. He nodded when the servant spoke of having the food there quickly, then he returned to his brother’s side, sitting down on his armchair beside the healing room bed. “All right, brother, they have rushed to the kitchens to retrieve your food, and it will be here presently.”

Night was falling, Thor could see it through his half closed window. He wished he was out there seeing the damage on the City but he resigned himself to his fate, for now, at least, there was nothing he could do and he was so tired. He had Loki now and he could count on him, he knew he would do what was on his power to help their people, Loki had their friends and thy would follow him.

"Thank you," the cool cloth made him feel better, it was a warm night after all. "I don’t remember our Father getting injured like this, when we were young, he would come Home on his feet," he knew he was weaker than Odin, he was not the All-Father and he didn’t have his Father’s powers, of course he was easily injured when compared to the old King. These battles weren’t his to fight, his Father could finish these enemies with a snap of his fingers but the old King was so debilitated and so tired, Thor was afraid that maybe he wouldn’t be able, physically able, to handle it on his own for much longer.

He chuckled at Loki’s words, a little winded. “This is like before, all you have to do is inform them about our decisions concerning the weapon,” Thor explained, for someone who should be quiet on bed he was so active, he thought to himself with a shudder, “we will not commit the same mistake our Grandfather did, keeping it closer to our Realms. I want it out of Yggdrasil, Loki,” he tried to make the other understand, they had a lot of powerful weapons, they didn’t need more of them. “There is a Museum in Knowhere, the Collector tends to keep dangerous things safe in his collection. I’m pretty sure he would be more than happy to keep it.” Thor knew about that because of his countless trips around the universe. Tivan was an eccentric being but he generally treated him nicely and with respect, probably he wanted to study the asgardian anatomy but he never asked him anything weird. “You could send some of our friends there to deliver it to his care.”

Thor was so glad when his food arrive, the smell of it made his stomach growl in anticipation. Thankfully he could chew some things, slowly he had his lunch, or dinner, he wasn’t sure, “thank you, again, brother. I have no idea of what would be of me now without you.”

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Loki: "Dad, is it okay if I rest my drink on your casket?"

Odin: …

Loki: "Cool, thanks dad!"

You may be able to fool the rest of Asgard- 
— But never you. I know.”
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"Ah, so you’d like to take responsibility for the problems in my mind, huh?" Loki’s smile widened a little. He’d always liked Thor’s laughter, though he would never admit it. "Stare at me as though I were some strange circus creature, perhaps."

"I never let you fall," he assured Loki, even when his brother believed otherwise it was always good for him to assure themselves of that so he wouldn’t forget. "You always twists my words, I stared at you because you were the prettiest being I had ever cast my eyes upon. I was in love and I felt so responsible about you but I always refused to help mother to change your diapers,” he laughed again.

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